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Delamain XXO

Origine :FR
Volume : 70cl

Delamain XXO is an exquisite cognac that is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique taste. It is produced by Delamain, one of the oldest and most prestigious cognac houses in France. Delamain XXO is made from a blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie that are aged for over 25 years in Limousin oak casks. This lengthy aging process gives the cognac a deep and complex flavor profile, with notes of dried fruit, honey, and oak. The color of Delamain XXO is a rich amber, which is a result of the aging process and the natural color of the eaux-de-vie. It is a smooth and refined cognac that is best enjoyed neat or with a small amount of water to unlock its full flavors. Delamain XXO is a luxurious spirit that is perfect for special occasions or for savoring during moments of relaxation.


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