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Volume : 70cl

Campari - a classic from Italy

Campari is one of the most famous amari in the world. This bitter aperitif, or amaro as the Italians say, was originally sold in pharmacies. Indeed, it was said to have medicinal virtues to facilitate digestion. But the popularity of the recipe was such that companies began to market it for profit, without regard for the health of their customers. Gaspare Campari was one of those entrepreneurs who had a good nose for it. In 1862, he presented his "Bitter all'uso d'Hollandia" for the first time in his own bar in Milan.

an amaro with 86 ingredients from around the world

By now you know how Campari starts. This bitter has a unique flavour formed by almost 86 spices, herbs, fruits and roots from all over the world. Each ingredient is added to distilled boiling water and mixed with pure alcohol. It is then macerated for several days before being filtered. The end result is a liquid to which a certain volume of water and a sugar solution are added again. And that's it! Campari is a bitter whose red colour is obtained naturally from prickly pears. Its alcohol content is reduced to 25 % vol.

Campari is best enjoyed as an aperitif

Campari is best enjoyed as an aperitif. You can drink it neat with a few ice cubes. You can also enjoy Campari in a long drink with soda, tonic or orange juice. But the most famous cocktail is surely the Negroni: mix your Campari with gin and vermouth with a twist of orange. You'll love it!


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