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Luxury Kauffman Russian Vodka Private Collection 2008

Year: 2008
Volume : 70cl

Vodka Kauffman Luxury Private collection Vintage 2008 - 100 cl.
Kauffman Vodka is the world's only "vintage" vodka, a unique and diamond-pure luxury vodka.
The bottle of this "Luxury" edition is worthy of one of the most beautiful perfume bottles.
Distilled in one of Russia's best factories, Crystal, in Kaluga, Kauffman vodka was created in 2000 by Mark Kaoufman.
The term 'vintage' means that it is only produced in years when the wheat meets strict quality criteria.
Vintage: 2008
Each bottle has a limited edition number.
Kauffman hard vodka is therefore a rare and elitist product.
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