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Milagro Reposado

Origin :AF
Volume : 70cl

Milagro Reposado is a tequila made exclusively from blue agaves. It is aged in traditional casks for a period of between three and six months. The creators of this unusual tequila have created a subtle balance between the richness of the agave nuances and the sweet touches of caramel. You'll enjoy its natural golden hue before being surprised by a pleasantly spicy finish.

Our team of specialists is not the only one to have spotted the product's potential: Milagro Reposado tequila has won prestigious awards, including the gold medal in 2014 at the Spirits of Mexico Competition, as well as the silver medal in the same year at the famous San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

This tequila with its complex and generous character will serve as the ideal base for your most inventive cocktails. We recommend that you also try it in its pure state in the form of shots.


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