Château Latour is located in the heart of the Médoc wine region, about 50km northwest of Bordeaux, where the legend of the Bordeaux vineyard was created. The heart of its terroir, l'Enclos, overlooks the Gironde estuary, a river that has given it its geological complexity over the centuries and transmits its mild climate every day. Since 1993 and under the impetus of the Pinault family, owners of the estate, important changes have been made over the years to pursue the quest for excellence in the wines produced by Château Latour.


The 2012 vintage was rather late with significant spring rainfall, followed by a dry weather phase. The winter was characterised by a significant water deficit and mild temperatures - above 20°C during the month of March - except for the very cold first half of February. The budburst was noted on April 3, a particularly rainy month. June was wet and mild. During July and August, the weather was dry and mid-veraison was noted on 14 August. These dry and moderately warm conditions ensured slow and optimal berry growth, allowing the aromatic complexity of the fruit to be preserved, as well as a very nice tension in the mouth.


The harvest began on 24 September and ended on 16 October. In spite of a rainy episode during the harvest, the grapes returned to the vats were in good condition thanks to the reactivity of our teams and to a careful sorting.


90.2% cabernet sauvignon, 9.6% merlot, 0.2% petit verdot.


Nose of great delicacy, pure and ripe, of fruit and spices. Velvety mouth, of great intensity and remarkable elegance, carried by silky tannins of great finesse.