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Grappa Tignanello

Origine :IT
Volume : 50cl

Grappa Tignanello is an Italian spirit produced by the renowned wine producer Antinori. It is made using the pomace (the skins, seeds, and stems) of Sangiovese and Cabernet grapes used to produce the Tignanello wine. The pomace is distilled and then aged for a minimum of 12 months in small oak barrels, which gives the grappa a smooth and complex flavor profile. Grappa Tignanello is bottled at 42% ABV and has a deep amber color and a rich aroma with notes of dried fruit, vanilla, and spice. The grappa is commonly enjoyed as a digestif and is best served at room temperature in a small glass. Grappa Tignanello is a premium spirit that is highly regarded by grappa enthusiasts and fans of Antinori wines.


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